Now We Go

What's so funny?....Did you see how the Cubs got stomped yesterday?

With the Brewer’s ascension into first place in the NL Central, I’ve switched over to world series mode.   I took a look into my crystal ball (I’m not a gypsy, but I did stay at a holiday inn express last night) and saw something very interesting:   The starting lineup for game 1 of the world series at Yankee Stadium.

It will clearly be at Yankee Stadium because the American League always wins the All-Star game, and the Wisconsin sports stars are aligning (see super bowl XLV) to get a Yankee-Brewers fall classic.

Lineup for Game 1:

  1. Morgan CF
  2. Weeks 2b
  3. Braun LF
  4. Fielder 1b
  5. Hart RF
  6. Gamel DH
  7. McGhee 3b
  8. Betancourt SS
  9. Lucroy C

Holy Crap is this an awesome lineup….I’m going to stubhub to get my tickets now.

We are in more looking back now.

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