You know you love watching the news to see talent.  There is just something about a female news anchor.  Their big smile, their confident poses, their sometimes canned, nervous laughter.  For all you losers we break it down for you.  Presenting MILWAUKEE’S HOTTEST NEWS ANCHORS.   The top 5 are a pretty powerful line up.  Well done. Wisconsin.

Honorable mention: Jenna Sachs, Marianne Lyles, Mary Stoker-Smith.

5.  Anne State, Fox 6 news.  Anne was canned because she did a “sexy” photo shoot in a Michigan Ave. Magazine in 2007, when working in Chicago.  She is the veteran in this lineup, but it was hard to break into this top 5, so well done Ms. State.  When you beat talent like Marianne Lyles, that is good work.  You all are winners in our book.

4.  Diane Pathieu, TMJ4.    Diane has that Glee girl nose thing going, and I like it!   Love the skin tone.

3.    Toya Washington, WISN12.  Toya has been in Milwaukee for awhile.   That girls smile can make a grown man cry. She also seems like she can go from smiling to crazy in two seconds.  We are fine with that.  Really.

2.  Susan Kim, “Touch Today’s” WTMJ4.  Touchie, Touchie.  Ms. Kim had some kids and such, but she’ll get her game back.  She rocks it out really hard in this diverse and talented crowd.  She is becoming somewhat the face of Milwaukee.    Please note the picture with Gorman Thomas.  Stormin’ Gorman, you dog you!

1. Caitlin Morrall, WTMJ4 Traffic Reporter.  Okay, lately on TV, Caitlin you are getting too thin, sorry but put some weight on girl!  Truly and clearly she is so out in the front, she is going to lap these girls.  I could watch her talk about traffic along the Zoo interchange all day.  2007 Miss Wisconsin too, didn’t ya know?  TAP TAP BOOM BOOM.  (Bottom picture.  Mind the gap.)





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