2012 Cox Sucker Days Announced | May 16, 2011 | Comments 18


New sponsors vie for Sucker Day naming rights

Nixa, MO—The Nixa Sucker Days committee is proud to announce it has a new title sponsor this year, Cox Health.  The event, now known as Cox Sucker Days, will be held in Nixa as scheduled this year, with a few changes.  Ted Crass, chairman of the event said, “We’re proud to welcome Cox Health as our sponsor, and we know Cox Sucker Days will be our most successful ever.”

The coming events at Cox Sucker Days this year will include a special appearance by Pee Wee Herman and the Popsicle Twins, as seen on The Gong Show, performing the acts that made them famous.  A booth will be set up by to point interested parties to suckers all over Southwest Missouri.  Volunteers will be providing heart-healthy tips for enjoying suckers.

Mike Danwyik stated, “We like to be involved in our community, and Cox Sucker Days is no exception.  We are proud to be associated with such a heart healthy event.  Come one, come all to Cox Sucker Days!”

Attendance at this past weekend’s event was so high sponsors immediately began lining up to participate in next year’s event. Potential sponsors included national brands such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Hummer Trucks, and DSL, all vied for the top billing before Cox Sucker Days was officially announced.


Losers, it is time to reserve your seat for the 2012 summer bus tour.  The trip will revolve around Cox Sucker Days. As you know, LB prides itself on advertising for local community events like Kewaskum\’s Party on the Pavement which is TODAY from 10am to 10pm.  Dates are not determined for the 2012 bus tour, but it looks like it will be in mid to late June.  Folks, this is no mistake, Cox Sucker Days is the real deal.  This community embraces their Nixa Cox Sucker Days and we here at celebrate Cox Sucker Days. In fact, we love Cox Sucker Days so much we are taking a coach sucking bus all the way down there next summer!  Here are some details to get this party bus started…–CCWriter

Here's where we're going y'all

Some of the fine Nixa talent that makes COX SUCKER DAYS reality

A big Cox Sucker Sinkhole in Nixa, MO

probably not much weed left in Nixa anymore...

former Nixa Eagles talent will be in attendance fo sho

Nixa talent with ripped jeans and tank top, a Sucker Days must.


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