Fantasy Football Nerd! Best Fantasy Football Site Ever!


Can you feel it Losers? Fall is around the corner, preseason football is on, ESPN now only covers The Eagles, Wisconsin talk radio has now been filled with people hand wringing over a Packers’ preseason loss and AND…its almost Fantasy Football time. Ahh, the Sundays spent screaming at the TV because Chris Johnson has 12 total  yards or because Brandon Jacobs catches a 70+ yard PASS causing you to lose a game are nearly upon us!

Stevegoat here has been involved in Fantasy Football for roughly 10 years now. I have had years where I am in one league, I have had years where I am in 4+ leagues. My early Fantasy Football career was spent purchasing magazines, muddling through 20+ websites, watching ESPN (Eagles Sports Network) all in an effort to gain an edge over my competition. This effort often resulted in a bottom tier finish of some sort, with half my teams consisting of players who either got hurt or just never had that “breakout year” I was promised…..see Robert Ferguson. It was painful, it was a waste of money and sometimes……GASP…..I would be the dude who didn’t update his team because I had lost interest after 7 losses in a row. You have all been there I am sure.


Well, 3 years ago I discovered a site known as Awesome name I thought! I am a nerd, I love fantasy football and I totally suck at it so I hope it can help me. After researching the site and surfing around on it I quickly realized that, while the site claims to be a nerd, it really is a freaking demon of fantasy football knowledge. The site is dialed in with information, analysis and rankings.  Pulled directly from the site, Fantasy Football Nerd states;

What is the Fantasy Football Nerd?

Simply put: Collective Intelligence. The Fantasy Football Nerd takes the “wisdom of the crowd” to a new level by aggregating the fantasy football rankings of the best fantasy football sites on the planet to analyze the rankings given to each player to produce a consensus ranking.

NerdRank is the technology created to bring the wisdom of the crowd into a manageable environment. It’s what makes FFN so unique. Anyone can aggregate fantasy football rankings and projections and then average them out. NerdRank is a results-oriented process for normalizing the rankings and projections. Weighting the rankings based upon past accuracy can give you an edge that your competition doesn’t have.

Our Sit/Start rankings provide a cumulative rank from expert projections around the Net. If you’ve got a tough sit/start decision, check the Nerd’s fantasy football rankings to see what the experts think.

The Nerd’s innovative draft rankings system provides a consensus ranking for overall draft rankings as well as positional rankings. In theory, having 20 heads is better than 1. It’s useful for seeing what the experts from the major fantasy football websites are thinking and projecting. brings that collective intelligence into one location.

The Nerd compares rankings from sites such as,, CBS Sportsline, FOX Sports, Fantasy Football Calculator, Bruno Boys, Fantasy Football Toolbox, Fantasy Sharks, and more to produce the Internet’s best fantasy football rankings system.”

So, rather than having 12 browser windows open during your draft, and rather than bringing your laptop and 6 magazines to your draft……and having magazines all over the place knocking people’s beers over, just bring your laptop and bring up The Nerd.  The Nerd does what all those magazines and browser windows do in your head… takes all the info and crunches it into one ranking with which you can FINALLY make an educated draft choice. You want Ryan Grant coming off an injury? I guarantee his draft ratings will be all over the place this year. Just use The Nerd to pick him where he should be………and hope that pesky Starks doesnt steal his TD’s.

****A.D.D. side note. How many freaking times I lost because Tony Fisher took a TD from Ahman Green!!!! STILL PISSED****

As soon as you go to the site you will instantly see positional rankings scrolling across the screen. INFORMATION!! LOVE IT!!. The Basic Nerd is free, but there is a premium membership available.  You Losers drop hundreds if not thousands on your league fees, why not drop a little more to get dialed in and dominate your leagues. Membership has its privileges at The Nerd with things such as The Draft Buddy and much more.

Ok, enough with the fluff, does this shit work? HELL YES!! I SUCKED at fantasy football. Well, I used the nerd the last two years (multiple leagues) and won 1 title, finished second twice and nearly won a huge championship if only Peyton Manning and his coach hadn’t decided to take the week off and make me start David Garrard. Regardless, that wasn’t the Nerd’s fault, it was mine for not having a better backup QB. The Nerd works and turned a Fantasy Football dolt like me into a perennial title contender.

So Losers….try this site out, win your leagues and come back and thank me later for the information. Fantasy Football Nerd wasn’t rated top five in FantasyPros website rankings for nothing….The Nerd delivers. Now go check it out.




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