Green Bay Packers D.J. Williams Owning Training Camp

Don’t look now Green Bay Packer haters,  Aaron Rodgers has gotten a shiny new weapon in his arsenal.  Now I see why Andy Reid is buying the best defensive backs money can buy.   And why Teddy T is pretty confident with the guys we have.  D.J. Williams is da man.   Chewy and Keith Jackson.  D.J. Williams and JerMichael Finley.  Nobody is gonna cover these guys.

DJ Williams will be a Packers differnce maker.

So Packer fans, you like Spencer Havner, you really like John Kuhn?   You are going to love, I mean man crush love, D.J. Williams.

He has been owning training camp, jsonline blog is just raving about his daily. (I realize haters this is 7 on 7 and no pads, but it’s still NFL competition.)

D.J. Williams is the tight end the Packers picked up in the fifth round.  Here is what they said about him. Basically undersized.  That’s the only knock.  But doing some research this kid has a huge heart and is hungry, they seem to miss that in the combine stuff.

Exactly the kind of players that fit in at Green Bay.  A) They are hungry.  (Alex Green said he is so hungry his stomach is touching his back!)   B) They love football.  C) They are character guys.  (Good bye Nick Barnett for this reason alone.)     D.J. Williams had a tough childhood but has turned his life to God and football.  Really a genuine guy.  A “perfect” Packer.   And a play maker. His first interest was basketball in high school.  I love it.

He was a fan favorite at Arkansas.  Seems like most Packers these days leave a legacy behind at their college beyond just their play on the field.

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Also, when he was drafted they said he could be a good h-back.   Also, I am sure this guy on special teams would be awesome.  Did I mention a great fit?  Yeah, I thought so.  Donald Lee is on the Eagles.   We have D.J. Williams.  Perfect.  Perfect. Perfect.  A full back even.  Sound like somebody the Packers fall in love with.  You bet.

I’ve sprinkled in some of his highlight stuff.   A bunch is against top talent… watch the stuff he did against Ohio State.  Can’t wait to see how McCarthy and A-Rodge get him the ball.

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