Greg Jennings Puts Team on His Back

Jennings put the team on his back!! Sharper over ran the play, that is in fact realistic.


I know I am about a year and a half late on this video. And, to be honest, I had to search my own freaking site to be sure we didn’t post this before. Seriously, WTF were we thinking. This is one of the most epic video game moments of the decade.

Some dude was playing Madden when Greg Jennings went all video game on  him. You have been there, I know I have………Some stupid ass opponent pulls some shit out of his ass to score on you in Madden. The play often time makes no sense, is nearly impossible and there is nothing more frustrating then getting beat by something that is completely unrealistic. But hell, that’s why we play video games isn’t it. I can speak from experience, as it all started in Tecmo Bowl. Sometimes the programmers make players unstoppable, sometimes the 0s and 1s (binary code for us code geeks out there) align just perfectly to create the completely unrealistic and hilarious results as you will witness below.

Please note, if you are at work or there are kids around, please go home and/or kick the kids out of the room…..because there is some bad language in this.


P.S. I am sorry we didn’t post this earlier. Epic fail on our part.



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Even funnier…..Greg Jennings was asked about it during Super Bowl media day. His answer and impersonation are freaking awesome.


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