We Hear it is National Cleavage Day…

There is always a reason to celebrate at LosersBracket.com HQ, but today is a special day, a day to appreciate, show gratitude and ultimate awareness.  It really is National or even InterNational Cleavage Day, I shit you not.    Now of course not all of the talent may be blessed with a busty profile and we couldn’t appreciate it so much if they were, but today is their day.  All of the ladies with an abundant set of twins, it is your day and you shall conquer, flaunt, and share…  How could it possibly be 45 and rainy out on a day like this.  One of those March 80+ days would have been more suitable.  Oh well, let’s get to it.

ScarJo is a given in this category


YUUPPP Brandi from Storage Wars, that's the WOW Factor




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