Overreaction: Brewers in Last Place

Not gonna comment....wait, uh, I just did, now what?

Yesterday’s loss leaves the Milwaukee Brewers in last place in the National League Central.  Here is the Losersbracket.com overreaction:

  1. They are obviously feeling the loss of Prince Fielder as I’m certain he would have easily hit six solo homers to at least tie the game.
  2. Braun was 0-5, and displayed warning track power, so he was clearly on ‘roids the last few years.
  3. Aoki was 0-1 with a strikeout in a crucial situation (runners on first and third and nobody out).  He is adjusting to coming off the bench in a completely different time zone.  He’ll probably be suffering from jet lag for a few months.  He hit fine in Arizona because that is closer to Japan.
  4. Gallardo is suffering from arm fatigue from pitching too many spring training innings.  Worst opening day pitcher ever.
  5. Somehow the manager has to take some blame for the loss as this is the way professional sports work.  Fire Roenicke….or fire Rick Kranitz first, that is a more standard move at this point.
  6. Manny Parra still seems like a douche bucket.  I can’t wait until the Brewers play the Tigers in inter-league play (not happening this year BT-dub) and he plunks Fielder…will be a brawl for the ages.

With all that said…my prediction:  94 wins.  Go Brewers!

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