Obvious Observations

A couple things stuck out to ole CCWriter over the weekend.  Honestly don’t think I’ve taken in an episode of SNL for years, really years.   I saw a few minutes this Saturday, which included about 30 seconds of the ultimate dork, Eli Manning who by the way just knows how to slay the Packers anytime he feels like it and then saw the above performance by Rihanna.  Holy shit, why would I watch anything more as it seemed impossible for anything to top the seduction she completed in about 2 minutes.  Rihanna, you are the new Halle Berry to my CCWriter.  You and CCW would get along well.

Then, not then pretty sure it was Friday night…  wow, I’m a Loser I watched some tv on both nights, oh, and Sunday night too. We’ll get to that in a minute.  The Voice, or whatever that show is that Christina Aguilera judges or mentors.  From this point forward it is XTina.  Yeah yeah, many will say XTina’s look fluctuates in a similar fashion to Lindsay Lohan, but I choose to lock this moment in time as her prime, right f’n now.  XTina possesses the clear choice for best rack in television without discussion.  Should have been DVR’ing the shit out of that, but I have gathered my best evidence below…

And finally, CCWriter enters LB.com HQ on Sunday night only to find the ownership group watching the Comeback Tour of Wilson Phillips.  WTF has happened here.  20 years later and I begin to relive the pain of trio chick harmonies, but now they are old and weird and shit and oddly living in very discreet mediocre at best abodes in SoCal, hence the reunion tour.  I’m not even posting pictures of this nonsense, must be well into their 40’s or more.  Two of the three are hot, the other is a mess but must sing her ass off though to keep her around.  The blond hot one is the weirdo, vegetarian all into nonsensical life stuff and of course married to some unknown Baldwin bro.  The one that is hot and cool allowed me to partially pay attention, kind of a Sara Evans look alike.  I suppose Sara Evans looks like her, whatever.  Riding around on a tour bus performing gigs for 100’s of 50 year olds, acting like they are going to party til 10pm, doing each others makeup like school girls, and arguing whether or not to douche…  My god, ridiculous beyond ridiculous.  Fine, here is a pic of the original trio circa 1992 and the current version.  Really believe I maybe could have found 1000 better things to do with that 1/2 hour, shit.–CCWriter

Wilson Phillips, 1992

I don’t know, they do seem pretty well preserved.  Anyways, from L to R, the hot weird one, the one that must be able to just sing the phone book, and the hot cool one that is maybe hotter today than 20 years ago.  Do I have a screw loose or is there something just wrong with a three chick trio?  I don’t get it, honestly, does it just not make perfect sense to put a dude in the mix?  I’m fairly sure I’m not gay, but inserting Brad Paisley, McGraw, or maybe Darius Rucker (the old Hootie and Blowfish front man now gone country guy) just seems like an obvious solution and could have put this group on another level.

Been sitting on this one for a while, but anyways, Phillip Phillips from AI (not know to be related to Wilson Phillips) is a friggin Superstar.  CCW called that one at the auditions, “yep, you’ll see that dude Phillip Phillips in the Finals.”  Honest, called that immediately.  Pure Modern Rock Star.  He don’t give a shit, just does his thang.  Simply swagger on top of swagger.



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