Green Bay Packers Passing Attack Myth

So the Green Bay Packers have abandoned the run and only pass, correct?  While they pass much more than they run, there are a number of teams that have a higher pass to run ratio than the Packers.   As illustrated by the graphic below, division rival Detroit Lions have a more frequent passing attack than anyone else in the league.

The biggest shocker to me is that Tennessee, with Chris Johnson, has the 3rd highest pass to run ratio.  If I had to choose between putting the ball into Matt Hasselbeck’s hands, or Chris Johnson’s hands….I’m going CJ2K all the way.

No response needed, just dropping factual knowledge on ya’ll, so you don’t sound like a fool at the bar or water cooler.

Art, Art, drew a chart, then blew the whole damn thing apart….with a fart.

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