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Having calmed down enough to post this, I think this could be very well the game and play that vaults the Packers into “BEAST MODE” (please don’t sue me Marshawn).   To me the Packers were a team living on a hot streak from two years ago and lacked just a bit of hyper intensity and you know the whole foaming at the mouth sense of urgency.    And to some degree the fans too.  Have you been to a game lately?   Feels more a like a tennis match/party than a football atmosphere.

Well based on last nights happenings we are now the wounded bear that got poked with the stick.   And I wouldn’t want to play the Packers for awhile.  Did you see Nick Perry improve by the play?  McMillian had two INTS on the last drive alone.  Cedric Benson is still getting the rust out.  We are moving our offense away from JerDropley which is a good thing.

The “good” refs (FREE HOCULES T-SHIRTS NOW PLEASE)  called really tight games making the Packers finesse passing a perfect match.  I commend Coach Mike for putting in 17, I mean 3 tight ends, etc to grind it out.  Perfect in this new rough and tumble NFL.

Last night sucked, but it’s all part of the journey.    It’s good and bitter and memorable.  Just what was  needed.  Perfect.  Thank you Roger.

This team is going to go honey badger.  No doubt.   GO PACK GO.

ADD SIDEBAR:  Best halloween costume that will be popular.  Referee jersey, blind walking stick, dark glasses, Seattle Seahawks hat optional.

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