Redd’s Apple Ale


Redd’s Apple Ale. The ESPN airways have been bombarding me with commercials for Redds lately. Hey, what the hell, it is the middle of winter, long way to go til spring, the Bucks are probably going to make the next couple months miserable – I might as well drown my sorrows with a new alcoholic beverage. So I sampled some Redds this past weekend.

Redd’s lives up to it’s name. It really is an apple ale. Meaning it does not have that cider taste like Woodchuck. It is much smoother and much more drinkable than Woodchuck. It has a nice sharp apple taste, but not that bite like Woodchuck does. You can just kinda chug it down like you would a smooth, low fizz brewskie. I can only drink about 1.5 Woodchuck’s, and I’m ready to be done with it. Woodchuck gives a guy that kinda headachish champagney type buzz. Not the case with Redd’s. I felt like I could have drank six of em (though I didn’t) with no ill effects, just a nice beer buzz (Redd’s has a 5% alchohol content).

Well, I shouldn’t say no ill effects. Gotta admit, Redd’s made me piss like a racehorse. At first I thought maybe it was just me. But I drank two Redd’s each on Saturday and Sunday, and each time I’m pretty sure I took three pisses within an hour. Sorry, probably a little too much info, but hell, it’s the truth.

I tried to get some more info on Redd’s via their webpage, but it is a pretty unimpressive page. Really no info to be gleaned other than it is apparently made in Albany, Georgia. Ok, that’s cool I guess.

Despite the pee inducing effects, I really do strongly recommend Redd’s (I’m sure Redd’s is thrilled with the phrasing of this recommendation). I’m already looking forward to drinking a few of these outside on the deck on that first crisp, but kinda warm day in early April where you can HEAR the snow melting and you can tell Spring is really just a few days away. I think Redd’s would also be the ideal brew at an early Fall Brewer game tailgate while they are making that Playoff run.

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